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Sponsor Opportunities

For the last 19 years, Lewisville Basketball Club has provided high quality basketball instruction for area youth, ages 8 & up.  The strength and success of Lewisville Basketball Club is directly related to the enthusiastic support and participation of our volunteers and sponsors.

Our aim is to promote success in academics and athletics through ensuring that the boys are passing all classes before participating on the court.  Our organization has a foundation of teachers/educators and adults with varying college degrees to assist the kids in several areas to help accomplish this goal.

With that in mind, we respectfully solicit companies to consider becoming sponsors or to make donations to the Lewisville Basketball Club.  Sponsor funding helps with the cost of uniforms, practice facilities, league and/or tournament costs.  Sponsor donations also goes towards lodging and travel expenses for out of town games.  All of this contributes to keeping our youth active and healthy.

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