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I am playing basketball because I love the game and I want to inspire others to work hard and teach others to game and develops my IQ and my skills on and off the court -- R Hale
Why I play basketball is for a lot of reasons. The love I have for the game since I was in the 1st game and playing every day trying to get better and making wanting to go far each day and make my family proud of me and not worry about me being in trouble -- RJ
I love basketball because I love stepping on the court and doing what I love, I also love it because I have come s far to where I'm at this point, I have been laying since the first grade, and I have coaches and players the belief in me no matter the situation. I'm very passionate about it and last, but not least I wouldn't say I like playing the, but I also want to watch it. -- X Hale
I am playing basketball because I love the sport and want to be the first man in my family to go to college and make it out. I also like to prove people wrong and live up to and surpass other people's expectations. I want to be able to take care or my family -- Akok
The reason why I play basketball is that It's the only thing I have been doing since I was three years old and I have loved the game ever since I am trying to make it out of here and just what do what I love -- Derrion
I don't just play basketball because it is fun. I also ply it because it makes me better Boystally and physically because I commit to practice 100% physically because running, jumping, and lifting weight make me healthier. -- B Rush
I am playing basketball not only because it's fun but because of the opportunities and skill sets it to provide to me. With basketball, lots more things are available to me more than just a recreational activity. It develops leadership skills, courage, and how to be a young adult in today's society. Basketball has helped me get through a lot of obstacles, and without it, I don't know the abilities I'd have or where I'd be today -- J Burks
I am playing basketball because I want naturally good at it. I had to work for where I am now, and every second is a gimp of my determination. Also, basketball goals are everywhere, and if you need to get your mind of something to throw up a few shots, at least that's what I do. so, I play basketball because its more than just a sport to me. --H Holman
I play basketball because it is my passion. Though basketball, I gain friendships and new additions to my family. Basketball keeps my competitive drive going and gets my blood flowing. Through my coaches, they discipline me and develop me into a young man. Basketball also gives me the opportunities to learn life lessons I will need later on in life. -- C. Gilmore
The reason why I play basketball is because it inspires me to achieve something in life. I play basketball because I feel like I am doing what I love with a positive attitude. I enjoy the feeling of being in the game of basketball because I do it for the glory of God. Basketball is more than shooting three-pointers 24/7. It’s about the love and dedication I have for the game. -- L. Norton
I play basketball because it’s enjoyable and fun and you learn how to make quick, logical decisions. It’s also helpful to be on a team and be with a group of people working together to reach the same goal. Also, I’ve been surrounded by basketball my whole life because many of my family members either play or watch it. -- H. Kennedy
When I think of basketball, I think of that eight-year-old little girl dribbling down the court with nothing but the goal in sight. I think about the first basket I ever made when my dad held me on his shoulders and carried me to the goal with a little foam ball in my hand. I think of my first basketball team and the friendship we had and still do have. I think of when my dad took me to the courts by our house, and we would do a short one on one cause him to run out of breath. I think of all the gold stars I got from my upward league, and how they made me feel, then I think that 5th-grade girl who gave up. She didn’t see a point in playing sports and wanted just to sit around and go hang out with friends which were fun at that time, but didn’t help anything for her future, and when she got to the 6th grade and played a basketball game and remember how thrilling the sport was, she knew she wanted it back. She saw her brother succeed with his love for football, so why couldn’t she do the same with basketball. That’s why I play. -- D. Scott